“Fight The Good Fight” is a martial arts action graphic novel set in a dystopian world, inspired by the many issues plaguing military veterans today. Our tale follows the story of Sage Angevine, an ex-imperial soldier trying to get a grip on life on the outside, as he struggles against the Empire’s dominion over his and everyone else’s life in a bleak, starving world. As the newest member of a gang of insurgents calling themselves the DIVIDE, will he be able to keep his new friends out of harm’s way?

Follow Sage, Nova, Donovan, Nite, and Bread as they get in over their heads stealing food for the poor and are thrown into a journey that could determine the fate of their small slice of the slums and even the survival of their entire world.


Violence, strong language, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, suggestive sexual themes, and dark adult story elements. Recommended for mature audiences only.


I don’t believe in the page-on-a-weekday idea. I’ve seen so many great artists run out of steam and watch their projects stagnate into a slow death because of it. Since I batch all of my work by chapters, you might see one page a week, or suddenly an entire 26-page chunk tossed onto the archives all at once. Please don’t hate me for that—-I'll do my best to let my readers know I’ve lost my mind on an art binge so they have time to prepare for a random art dump.


I’m a 30-something-year-old military veteran that was raised on comic books, old Kung Fu movies, and 90’s anime. I’ve practiced Shaolin Kung Fu for over two decades of my life and have loved drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Being able to combine my passions by illustrating a martial arts themed graphic novel is a dream come true. If you ever want to have more than a passing conversation, join my discord channel where I spend most of my time cutting up with friends from ancient times while listening to distant music.

About the Artist